Computer Security

Virus Removal

Virus removal from infected computer. Computer Virus protection and Firewall installation which is a absolute requirement for broadband to help block Viruses and hackers attacks.

Spyware Removal

We use the latest spyware detection and removal technology, to firstly irradiates any ‘infections’ from your PC and then secondly to repair any damage that has been done.We then ensure that your software is up to date and advise on what precautions you can take to minimize the risk of further attacks.

Software Upgrades

Installation, advice and support for MS Windows, (95, 98, 98SE, Me, 2000Pro, XP ,Home/Pro, Vista, Window 7)

Hardware Upgrade

Complete updating of your PC – new motherboard, processor, memory, hard drives, larger power supplies. Also major PC refurbishment undertaken.


Wireless Networks

Wireless LAN for mobile computing and Wired LAN for small office network. You can share your broadband connection with your other computer with no additional cost to your existing package in most cases. We also install and configure Router.